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Ben Othman, H.; Leboulanger, C.; Le Floc'h, E.; Mabrouk, H.H.; Hlaili, A.S. Toxicity of benz(a)anthracene and fluoranthene to marine phytoplankton in culture: Does cell size really matter? 2012 243 204-211
Cormier, B.; Gambardella, C.; Tato, T.; Perdriat, Q.; Costa, E.; Veclin, C.; Le Bihanic, F.; Grassl, B.; Dubocq, F.; Karrman, A.; Van Arkel, K.; Lemoine, S.; Lagarde, F.; Morin, B.; Garaventa, F.; Faimali, M.; Cousin, X.; Begout, M.-L.; Beiras, R.; Cachot, J. Chemicals sorbed to environmental microplastics are toxic to early life stages of aquatic organisms 2021 208 111665