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Boavida, J.; Assis, J.; Silva, I.; Serrao, E.A. Overlooked habitat of a vulnerable gorgonian revealed in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic by ecological niche modelling 2016 6 36460
Panfili, J.; Darnaude, A.M.; Vigliola, L.; Jacquart, A.; Labonne, M.; Gilles, S. Experimental evidence of complex relationships between the ambient salinity and the strontium signature of fish otoliths 2015 467 65-70
Serandour, A.L.; Ledreux, A.; Morin, B.; Derick, S.; Augier, E.; Lanceleur, R.; Hamlaoui, S.; Moukha, S.; Furger, C.; Bire, R.; Krys, S.; Fessard, V.; Troussellier, M.; Bernard, C. Collaborative study for the detection of toxic compounds in shellfish extracts using cell-based assays. Part I: screening strategy and pre-validation study with lipophilic marine toxins 2012 403 1983-1993
Walker, E.; Bez, N. A pioneer validation of a state-space model of vessel trajectories (VMS) with observers' data 2010 221 2008-2017