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Nikolic, N.; Morandeau, G.; Hoarau, L.; West, W.; Arrizabalaga, H.; Hoyle, S.; Nicol, S.J.; Bourjea, J.; Puech, A.; Farley, J.H.; Williams, A.J.; Fonteneau, A. Review of albacore tuna, Thunnus alalunga, biology, fisheries and management 2016 1-36
Mariani, P.; Křivan, V.; MacKenzie, B.R.; Mullon, C. The migration game in habitat network: the case of tuna 2016 9 219-232
Nikolic, N.; Jérôme, M.; Fonteneau, A.; Evano, H.; Verrez-Bagnis, V. Identification of skipjack tuna juveniles based on DNA control region sequences and potential spawning area around reunion island 2016 99 171-178
Ruiz, J.; Batty, A.; Chavance, P.; McElderry, H.; Restrepo, V.; Sharples, P.; Santos, J.; Urtizberea, A. Electronic monitoring trials on in the tropical tuna purse-seine fishery 2015 72 1201-1213
Gaertner, D.; Hallier, J.-P. Tag shedding by tropical tunas in the Indian Ocean and other factors affecting the shedding rate 2015 Fisheries Research 163 98-105