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Henriques, S.; Guilhaumon, F.; Villeger, S.; Amoroso, S.; França, S.; Pasquaud, S.; Cabral, H.N.; Vasconcelos, R.P. Biogeographical region and environmental conditions drive functional traits of estuarine fish assemblages worldwide 2017 18 752-771
Hochard, S.; Pinazo, C.; Rochelle-Newall, E.; Pringault, O. Benthic pelagic coupling in a shallow oligotrophic ecosystem: Importance of microphytobenthos and physical forcing 2012 247 307-318
Kermagoret, C.; Claudet, J.; Derolez, V.; Nugues, M.M.; Ouisse, V.; Quillien, N.; Bailly, D. Dataset on marine ecosystem services supplied by coral reefs, sandy beaches and coastal lagoons in different eutrophication states 2019 25 104078
Kopf, R.K.; Yen, J.D.L.; Nimmo, D.G.; Brosse, S.; Villeger, S. Global patterns and predictors of trophic position, body size and jaw size in fishes 2021 30 414-428
Lagarde, F.; Fiandrino, A.; Ubertini, M.; d'Orbcastel, E.R.; Mortreux, S.; Chiantella, C.; Bec, B.; Bonnet, D.; Roques, C.; Bernard, I.; Richard, M.; Guyondet, T.; Pouvreau, S.; Lett, C. Duality of trophic supply and hydrodynamic connectivity drives spatial patterns of Pacific oyster recruitment 2019 632 81-100