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Amandè, M.; Chassot, E.; Chavance, P.; Murua, H.; Molina, A.D. de; Bez, N. Precision in bycatch estimates : the case of tuna purse-seine fisheries in the Indian Ocean 2012 69 1501-1510
Arrizabalaga, H.; Bruyn, P. de; Diaz, G.A.; Murua, H.; Chavance, P.; Molina, A.D. de; Gaertner, D.; Ariz, J.; Ruiz, J.; Kell, L.T. Productivity and susceptibility analysis for species caught in Atlantic tuna fisheries 2011 24 1-12
Bez, N.; Bertrand, S. The duality of fractals : roughness and self similarity 2011 4 371-383
Bez, N.; Walker, E.; Gaertner, D.; Rivoirard, J.; Gaspar, P. Fishing activity of tuna purse seiners estimated from vessels monitoring system (VMS) data 2011 68 1998-2010
Dueri, S.; Faugeras, B.; Maury, O. Modelling the skipjack tuna dynamics in the Indian Ocean with APECOSM6E : part 2. Parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis 2012 245 55-64