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Arones, K.; Grados, D.; Ayon, P.; Bertrand, A. Spatio-temporal trends in zooplankton biomass in the northern Humboldt current system off Peru from 1961-2012 2019 169 Unsp-104656
Sion, L.; Zupa, W.; Calculli, C.; Garofalo, G.; Hidalgo, M.; Jadaud, A.; Lefkaditou, E.; Ligas, A.; Peristeraki, P.; Bitetto, I.; Capezzuto, F.; Carlucci, R.; Esteban, A.; Follesa, C.; Guijarro, B.; Ikica, Z.; Isajlovic, I.; Lembo, G.; Manfredi, C.; Luis Perez, J.; Porcu, C.; Thasitis, I.; Tserpes, G.; Carbonara, P. Spatial distribution pattern of European hake, Merluccius merluccius (Pisces: Merlucciidae), in the Mediterranean Sea 2019 83 21-32
Walker, E.; Rivoirard, J.; Gaspar, P.; Bez, N. From forager tracks to prey distributions: an application to tuna vessel monitoring systems (VMS) 2015 Ecological Applications 25 826-833