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Ben Gharbia, H.; Yahia, O.K.-D.; Cecchi, P.; Masseret, E.; Amzil, Z.; Herve, F.; Rovillon, G.; Nouri, H.; M’Rabet, C.; Couet, D.; Triki, H.Z.; Laabir, M. New insights on the species-specific allelopathic interactions between macrophytes and marine HAB dinoflagellates 2017 12 e0187963
Bourgeois, S.; Hochard, S.; Pringault, O. Subtidal microphytobenthos: effects of inorganic and organic compound supplies on migration, production, and respiration in a tropical coastal environment 2010 61 13-29
Clavier, J.; Chauvaud, L.; Carlier, A.; Amice, E.; van der Geest, M.; Labrosse, P.; Diagne, A.; Hily, C. Aerial and underwater carbon metabolism of a Zostera noltii seagrass bed in the Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania 2011 95 24-30
Hickman-Lewis, K.; Gautret, P.; Arbaret, L.; Sorieul, S.; De Wit, R.; Foucher, F.; Cavalazzi, B.; Westall, F. Mechanistic morphogenesis of organo-sedimentary structures growing under geochemically stressed conditions: Keystone to proving the biogenicity of some archaean stromatolites? 2019 9 359