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Hobday, A.J.; Young, J.W.; Abe, O.; Costa, D.P.; Cowen, R.K.; Evans, K.; Gasalla, M.A.; Kloser, R.; Maury, O.; Weng, K.C. Climate impacts and oceanic top predators : moving from impacts to adaptation in oceanic systems 2013 23 537-546
Moreno, G.; Dagorn, L.; Capello, M.; Lopez, J.; Filmalter, T.; Forget, F.; Sancristobal, I.; Holland, K. Fish aggregating devices (FADs) as scientific platforms 2016 178 122-129
Navarro, J.; Saez-Liante, R.; Albo-Puigserver, M.; Coll, M.; Palomera, I. Feeding strategies and ecological roles of three predatory pelagic fish in the western Mediterranean Sea 2017 140 9-17