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Colin, N.; Villeger, S.; Wilkes, M.; de Sostoa, A.; Maceda-Veiga, A. Functional diversity measures revealed impacts of non-native species and habitat degradation on species-poor freshwater fish assemblages 2018 625 861-871
Marr, S.M.; Olden, J.D.; Leprieur, F.; Arismendi, I.; Ćaleta, M.; Morgan, D.L.; Nocita, A.; Šanda, R.; Serhan Tarkan, A.; García-Berthou, E. A global assessment of freshwater fish introductions in mediterranean-climate regions 2013 1-13
Villeger, S.; Blanchet, S.; Beauchard, O.; Oberdorff, T.; Brosse, S. From current distinctiveness to future homogenization of the world's freshwater fish faunas 2015 21 223-235
Villeger, S.; Grenouillet, G.; Brosse, S. Functional homogenization exceeds taxonomic homogenization among European fish assemblages 2014 23 1450-1460
Zhao, T.; Villeger, S.; Cucherousset, J. Accounting for intraspecific diversity when examining relationships between non-native species and functional diversity 2019 189 171-183