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Dueri, S.; Faugeras, B.; Maury, O. Modelling the skipjack tuna dynamics in the Indian Ocean with APECOSM6E : part 2. Parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis 2012 245 55-64
Garavelli, L.; Grüss, A.; Grote, B.; Chang, N.; Smith, M.; Verley, P.; Stenevik, E.K.; Kaplan, D.; Lett, C. Modeling the dispersal of Cape hake ichthyoplankton 2012 34 655-669
Kaplan, D.; Hart, D.R.; Botsford, L.W. Rotating spatial harvests and fishing effort displacement : a comment on Game et al. (2009) 2010 13 E10-E12
Kaplan, D.; Planes, S.; Fauvelot, C.; Brochier, T.; Lett, C.; Bodin, N.; Loc'h, F.L.; Tremblay, Y.; Georges, J.Y. New tools for the spatial management of living marine resources 2010 2 88-93