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Brouwer, G.M.; Duijnstee, I. a. P.; Hazeleger, J.H.; Rossi, F.; Lourens, L.J.; Middelburg, J.J.; Wolthers, M. Diet shifts and population dynamics of estuarine foraminifera during ecosystem recovery after experimentally induced hypoxia crises 2016 170 20-33
Lacoste, E.; Boufahja, F.; Pelaprat, C.; Le Gall, P.; Berteaux, T.; Messiaen, G.; Mortreux, S.; Oheix, J.; Ouisse, V.; Roque d'Orbcastel, E.; Gaertner-Mazouni, N.; Richard, M. First simultaneous assessment of macro- and meiobenthic community response to juvenile shellfish culture in a Mediterranean coastal lagoon (Thau, France) 2020 115 106462
Louati, H.; Ben Said, O.; Soltani, A.; Cravo-Laureau, C.; Preud'Homme, H.; Duran, R.; Aissa, P.; Mahmoudi, E.; Pringault, O. Impacts of bioremediation schemes for the mitigation of a low-dose anthracene contamination on free-living marine benthic nematodes 2014 23 201-212
Louati, H.; Ben Said, O.; Soltani, A.; Got, P.; Mahmoudi, E.; Cravo-Laureau, C.; Duran, R.; Aissa, P.; Pringault, O. The roles of biological interactions and pollutant contamination in shaping microbial benthic community structure 2013 93 2535-2546
Louati, H.; Said, O.B.; Soltani, A.; Got, P.; Cravo-Laureau, C.; Duran, R.; Aissa, P.; Pringault, O.; Mahmoudi, E. Biostimulation as an attractive technique to reduce phenanthrene toxicity for meiofauna and bacteria in lagoon sediment 2013 1-10