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Carbonara, P.; Zupa, W.; Anastasopoulou, A.; Bellodi, A.; Bitetto, I.; Charilaou, C.; Chatzispyrou, A.; Elleboode, R.; Esteban, A.; Follesa, M.C.; Isajlovic, I.; Jadaud, A.; Garcia-Ruiz, C.; Giannakaki, A.; Guijarro, B.; Kiparissis, S.E.; Ligas, A.; Mahe, K.; Massaro, A.; Medvesek, D.; Mytilineou, C.; Ordines, F.; Pesci, P.; Porcu, C.; Peristeraki, P.; Thasitis, I.; Torres, P.; Spedicato, M.T.; Tursi, A.; Sion, L. Explorative analysis on red mullet (Mullus barbatus) ageing data variability in the Mediterranean 2019 83 271-279
Saraux, C.; Van Beveren, E.; Brosset, P.; Queiros, Q.; Bourdeix, J.-H.; Dutto, G.; Gasset, E.; Jac, C.; Bonhommeau, S.; Fromentin, J.-M. Small pelagic fish dynamics: A review of mechanisms in the Gulf of Lions 2019 159 52-61
Garrido, M.; Cecchi, P.; Malet, N.; Bec, B.; Torre, F.; Pasqualini, V. Evaluation of FluoroProbe® performance for the phytoplankton-based assessment of the ecological status of Mediterranean coastal lagoons 2019 191 204
Colin, N.; Villeger, S.; Wilkes, M.; de Sostoa, A.; Maceda-Veiga, A. Functional diversity measures revealed impacts of non-native species and habitat degradation on species-poor freshwater fish assemblages 2018 625 861-871
Benedetti, F.; Vogt, M.; Righetti, D.; Guilhaumon, F.; Ayata, S.-D. Do functional groups of planktonic copepods differ in their ecological niches? 2018 45 604-616