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Pagès, R.; Baklouti, M.; Barrier, N.; Ayache, M.; Sevault, F.; Somot, S.; Moutin, T. Projected effects of climate-induced changes in hydrodynamics on the biogeochemistry of the Mediterranean sea under the RCP 8.5 Regional Climate Scenario 2020 7
Leoni, V.; Bonnet, D.; Ramírez‐Romero, E.; Molinero, J.C. Biogeography and phenology of the jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) in southern European seas 2021
Le Bourg, B.; Bănaru, D.; Saraux, C.; Nowaczyk, A.; Le Luherne, E.; Jadaud, A.; Bigot, J.-L.; Richard, P. Trophic niche overlap of sprat and commercial small pelagic teleosts in the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean Sea) 2015 Journal of Sea Research
Boulanger, E.; Dalongeville, A.; Andrello, M.; Mouillot, D.; Manel, S. Spatial graphs highlight how multi-generational dispersal shapes landscape genetic patterns 2020
Meddeb, M.; Grami, B.; Chaalali, A.; Haraldsson, M.; Niquil, N.; Pringault, O.; Sakka Hlaili, A. Plankton food-web functioning in anthropogenically impacted coastal waters (SW Mediterranean Sea): an ecological network analysis 2018