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BLANCHETON, J.-P.; BOSC, P.; HUSSENOT, J.; ROQUE D'ORBCASTEL, E.; ROMAIN, D. The 'new' European fish culture systems: Recirculating systems, offshore cages, integrated systems 2009 Cahiers Agricultures 18 227-234
Gaertner-Mazouni, N.; De Wit, R. Exploring new issues for coastal lagoons monitoring and management 2012 114 1-6
Gilman, E.; Chaloupka, M.; Dagorn, L.; Hall, M.; Hobday, A.; Musyl, M.; Pitcher, T.; Poisson, F.; Restrepo, V.; Suuronen, P. Robbing Peter to pay Paul: replacing unintended cross-taxa conflicts with intentional tradeoffs by moving from piecemeal to integrated fisheries bycatch management 2019