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Coelho, R.; Macías, D.; Ortiz de Urbina, J.; Martins, A.; Monteiro, C.; Lino, P.G.; Rosa, D.; Santos, C.C.; Bach, P.; Murua, H.; Abaunza, P.; Santos, M.N. Local indicators for global species: Pelagic sharks in the tropical northeast Atlantic, Cabo Verde islands region 2020 110 105942
Cucherousset, J.; Villeger, S. Quantifying the multiple facets of isotopic diversity: New metrics for stable isotope ecology 2015 56 152-160
De Wit, R.; Leruste, A.; Le Fur, I.; Sy, M.M.; Bec, B.; Ouisse, V.; Derolez, V.; Rey-Valette, H. A Multidisciplinary Approach for Restoration Ecology of Shallow Coastal Lagoons, a Case Study in South France 2020 8
Houngnandan, F.; Kéfi, S.; Deter, J. Identifying key-conservation areas for Posidonia oceanica seagrass beds 2020 247 108546
Jac, C.; Desroy, N.; Certain, G.; Foveau, A.; Labrune, C.; Vaz, S. Detecting adverse effect on seabed integrity. Part 2: How much of seabed habitats are left in good environmental status by fisheries? 2020 117 106617