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Avadi, A.; Freon, P.; Quispe, I. Environmental assessment of Peruvian anchoveta food products : is less refined better ? 2014 19 1276-1293
Avadí, Á.; Vázquez-Rowe, I.; Freon, P. Eco-efficiency assessment of the Peruvian anchoveta steel and wooden fleets using the LCA+DEA framework 2014 70 118-131
Joo, R.; Salcedo, O.; Gutierrez, M.; Fablet, R.; Bertrand, S. Defining fishing spatial strategies from VMS data: Insights from the world's largest monospecific fishery 2015 164 223-230
Passuni, G.; Barbraud, C.; Chaigneau, A.; Demarcq, H.; Ledesma, J.; Bertrand, A.; Castillo, R.; Perea, A.; Mori, J.; Viblanc, V.A.; Torres-Maita, J.; Bertrand, S. Seasonality in marine ecosystems: Peruvian seabirds, anchovy, and oceanographic conditions 2016 97 182-193