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Draredja, M.A.; Frihi, H.; Boualleg, C.; Abadie, E.; Laabir, M. Distribution of dinoflagellate cyst assemblages in recent sediments from a southern Mediterranean lagoon (Mellah, Algeria) with emphasis on toxic species 2020
Thoha, H.; Muawanah, M.; Bayu Intan, M.; Rachman, A.; Sianturi, O.R.; Sidabutar, T.; Iwataki, M.; Takahashi, K.; Avarre, J.-C.; Masseret, E. Resting cyst distribution and molecular identification of the harmful dinoflagellate Margalefidinium polykrikoides (Gymnodiniales, Dinophyceae) in Lampung Bay, Sumatra, Indonesia 2019 10