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Aumont, O.; Maury, O.; Lefort, S.; Bopp, L. Evaluating the Potential Impacts of the Diurnal Vertical Migration by Marine Organisms on Marine Biogeochemistry 2018 32 1622-1643
Ayata, S.-D.; Irisson, J.-O.; Aubert, A.; Berline, L.; Dutay, J.-C.; Mayot, N.; Nieblas, A.-E.; D'Ortenzio, F.; Palmiéri, J.; Reygondeau, G.; Rossi, V.; Guieu, C. Regionalisation of the Mediterranean basin, a MERMEX synthesis 2018 Progress in Oceanography 163 7-20
Daniel, A.; Laës-Huon, A.; Barus, C.; Beaton, A.D.; Blandfort, D.; Guigues, N.; Knockaert, M.; Munaron, D.; Salter, I.; Woodward, E.M.S.; Greenwood, N.; Achterberg, E.P. Toward a Harmonization for Using in situ Nutrient Sensors in the Marine Environment 2020 6
Faure, V.; Pinazo, C.; Torréton, J.-P.; Douillet, P. Modelling the spatial and temporal variability of the SW lagoon of New Caledonia II: Realistic 3D simulations compared with in situ data 2010 61 480-502
Halo, I.; Backeberg, B.; Brito, A.; Collins, C.; Cossa, O.; Gemo, F.; Jose, Y.; Loveday, B.; Malauene, B.; Marsac, F.; Maueua, C.; Maury, O.; Mavume, A.; Nehama, F.; Penven, P.; Pous, S.; Reason, C.; Roberts, M.; Shillington, F. JEAI-MOCAs : a multi-institutional initiative to build marine research capacity in Mozambique 2013 109