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Zhou, C.; He, P.; Xu, L.; Bach, P.; Wang, X.; Wan, R.; Tang, H.; Zhang, Y. The effects of mesoscale oceanographic structures and ambient conditions on the catch of albacore tuna in the South Pacific longline fishery 2020
Olson, R.J.; Young, J.W.; Menard, F.; Potier, M.; Allain, V.; Goni, N.; Logan, J.M.; Galvan-Magana, F. Bioenergetics, Trophic Ecology, and Niche Separation of Tunas 2016 199-344
Nikolic, N.; Morandeau, G.; Hoarau, L.; West, W.; Arrizabalaga, H.; Hoyle, S.; Nicol, S.J.; Bourjea, J.; Puech, A.; Farley, J.H.; Williams, A.J.; Fonteneau, A. Review of albacore tuna, Thunnus alalunga, biology, fisheries and management 2016 1-36
Nikolic, N.; Lauretta, M.; Patucca, A.; Morandeau, G. Characterization and standardization of the Atlantic albacore French pelagic trawl fishery 2018 31 31