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CORMON, X.; LOOTS, C.; VAZ, S.; VERMARD, Y.; MARCHAL, P. Spatial interactions between saithe (Pollachius virens) and hake (Merluccius merluccius) in the North Sea 2014 71 1342-1355
Drouineau, H.; Lobry, J.; Bez, N.; Travers-Trolet, M.; Vermard, Y.; Gascuel, D. The need for a protean fisheries science to address the degradation of exploited aquatic ecosystems 2016 29 Unsp-E201
Mahevas, S.; Vermard, Y.; Hutton, T.; Iriondo, A.; Jadaud, A.; Maravelias, C.D.; Punzon, A.; Sacchi, J.; Tidd, A.; Tsitsika, E.; Marchal, P.; Goascoz, N.; Mortreux, S.; Roos, D. An investigation of human vs. technology-induced variation in catchability for a selection of European fishing fleets 2011 68 2252-2263
Thebaud, O.; Innes, J.; Doyen, L.; Lample, M.; Macher, C.; Mahevas, S.; Mullon, C.; Planque, B.; Quaas, M.; Smith, T.; Vermard, Y. Building ecological-economic models and scenarios of marine resource systems : workshop report 2013 43 382-386
Travers-Trolet, M.; Bourdaud, P.; Genu, M.; Velez, L.; Vermard, Y. The Risky Decrease of Fishing Reference Points Under Climate Change 2020 7 568232