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Duboz, R.; Versmisse, D.; Travers, M.; Ramat, E.; Shin, Y.-J. Application of an evolutionary algorithm to the inverse parameter estimation of an individual-based model 2010 221 840-849
Lopez-Joven, C.; Rolland, J.-L.; Haffner, P.; Caro, A.; Roques, C.; Carré, C.; Travers, M.-A.; Abadie, E.; Laabir, M.; Bonnet, D.; Destoumieux-Garzón, D. Oyster Farming, Temperature, and Plankton Influence the Dynamics of Pathogenic Vibrios in the Thau Lagoon 2018 9
Marzloff, M.; Shin, Y.-J.; Tam, J.; Travers, M.; Bertrand, A. Trophic structure of the Peruvian marine ecosystem in 2000-2006 : insights on the effects of management scenarios for the hake fishery using the IBM trophic model Osmose 2009 75 290-304
Shin, Y.-J.; Travers, M.; Maury, O. Coupling low and high trophic levels models : towards a pathways-orientated approach for end-to-end models 2010 84 105-112
Travers, M.; Shin, Y.-J.; Jennings, S.; Machu, E.; Huggett, J.A.; Field, J.G.; Cury, P. Two-way coupling versus one-way forcing of plankton and fish models to predict ecosystem changes in the Benguela 2009 220 3089-3099