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Fouilland, E.; Vasseur, C.; Leboulanger, C.; Le Floc'h, E.; Carré, C.; Marty, B.; Steyer, J.-P.; Sialve, B. Coupling algal biomass production and anaerobic digestion: Production assessment of some native temperate and tropical microalgae 2014
Galès, A.; Bonnafous, A.; Carré, C.; Jauzein, V.; Lanouguère, E.; Le Floc'h, E.; Pinoit, J.; Poullain, C.; Roques, C.; Sialve, B.; Simier, M.; Steyer, J.-P.; Fouilland, E. Importance of ecological interactions during wastewater treatment using High Rate Algal Ponds under different temperate climates 2019 40 101508
Langlois, J.; Freon, P.; Steyer, J.-P.; Delgénes, J.-P. Sea use impact category in life cycle assessment: state of the art and perspectives 2013
Langlois, J.; Freon, P.; Steyer, J.-P.; Delgénes, J.-P.; Hélias, A. New methods for impact assessment of biotic-resource depletion in LCA of fishery: theory and application 2013
Turon, V.; Baroukh, C.; Trably, E.; Latrille, E.; Fouilland, E.; Steyer, J.-P. Use of fermentative metabolites for heterotrophic microalgae growth: Yields and kinetics 2015 175 342-349