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Ari, T.B.; Gershunov, A.; Rouyer, T.; Cazelles, B.; Gage, K.; Stenseth, N.C. Interannual Variability of Human Plague Occurrence in the Western United States Explained by Tropical and North Pacific Ocean Climate Variability 2010 83 624-632
Durant, J.M.; Hidalgo, M.; Rouyer, T.; Hjermann, D.; Ciannelli, L.; Eikeset, A.M.; Yaragina, N.; Stenseth, N.C. Population growth across heterogeneous environments: effects of harvesting and age structure 2013 480 277-287
Handegard, N.O.; du Buisson, L.; Brehmer, P.; Chalmers, S.J.; De Robertis, A.; Huse, G.; Kloser, R.; Macaulay, G.; Maury, O.; Ressler, P.H.; Stenseth, N.C.; Godo, O.R. Towards an acoustic-based coupled observation and modelling system for monitoring and predicting ecosystem dynamics of the open ocean 2013 14 605-615
Handegard, N.O.; Huse, G.; Maury, O.; Stenseth, N.C. Toward a global observation and modeling system for studying the ecology of the open ocean using acoustics 2011 129 2700-2700
Hidalgo, M.; Rouyer, T.; Bartolino, V.; Cerviño, S.; Ciannelli, L.; Massutí, E.; Jadaud, A.; Saborido-Rey, F.; Durant, J.M.; Santurtún, M.; Piñeiro, C.; Stenseth, N.C. Context-dependent interplays between truncated demographies and climate variation shape the population growth rate of a harvested species 2012 35 637-649