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Bijoux, J.P.; Dagorn, L.; Berke, G.; Cowley, P.D.; Soria, M.; Gaertner, J.C.; Robinson, J. Temporal dynamics, residency and site fidelity of spawning aggregations of a herbivorous tropical reef fish Siganus sutor 2013 475 233-247
Blaison, A.; Jaquemet, S.; Guyomard, D.; Vangrevelynghe, G.; Gazzo, T.; Cliff, G.; Cotel, P.; Soria, M. Seasonal variability of bull and tiger shark presence on the west coast of Reunion Island, western Indian Ocean 2015 37 199-208
Capello, M.; Robert, M.; Soria, M.; Potin, G.; Itano, D.; Holland, K.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Dagorn, L. A Methodological Framework to Estimate the Site Fidelity of Tagged Animals Using Passive Acoustic Telemetry 2015 10 e0134002
Capello, M.; Soria, M.; Cotel, P.; Deneubourg, J.L.; Dagorn, L. Quantifying the interplay between environmental and social effects on aggregated-fish dynamics 2011 6
Capello, M.; Soria, M.; Cotel, P.; Potin, G.; Dagorn, L.; Freon, P. The heterogeneous spatial and temporal patterns of behavior of small pelagic fish in an array of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) 2012 430–431 56-62