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Li, M.; Liang, Z.; Callier, M.D.; Roque d'Orbcastel, E.; Ma, X.; Sun, L.; Li, X.; Wang, S.; Song, X.; Liu, Y. Nitrogen and organic matter removal and enzyme activities in constructed wetlands operated under different hydraulic operating regimes 2018 496 247-254
Li, M.; Liang, Z.; Callier, M.D.; Roque d'orbcastel, E.; Sun, G.; Ma, X.; Li, X.; Wang, S.; Liu, Y.; Song, X. Nutrients removal and substrate enzyme activities in vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands for mariculture wastewater treatment: Effects of ammonia nitrogen loading rates and salinity levels 2018 131 142-150
Si, X.; Baselga, A.; Leprieur, F.; Song, X.; Ding, P. Selective extinction drives taxonomic and functional alpha and beta diversities in island bird assemblages 2016 85 409-418
Xiong, W.; Gao, S.; Lu, Y.; Wei, L.; Mao, J.; Xie, J.; Cao, Q.; Liu, J.; Bi, J.; Song, X.; Li, B. Latrophilin participates in insecticide susceptibility through positively regulating CSP10 and partially compensated by OBPC01 in Tribolium castaneum 2019 159 107-117