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Alegre, A.; Bertrand, A.; Espino, M.; Espinoza, P.; Dioses, T.; Ñiquen, M.; Navarro, I.; Simier, M.; Ménard, F. Diet diversity of jack and chub mackerels and ecosystem changes in the northern Humboldt Current system: A long-term study 2015 137, Part A 299-313
Alegre, A.; Ménard, F.; Tafur, R.; Espinoza, P.; Arguelles, J.; Maehara, V.; Flores, O.; Simier, M.; Bertrand, A. Comprehensive model of jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas trophic ecology in the Northern Humboldt Current System 2014 9
Azzoug, M.; Carré, M.; Chase, B.M.; Deme, A.; Lazar, A.; Lazareth, C.E.; Schauer, A.J.; Mandeng-Yogo, M.; Simier, M.; Thierno-Gaye, A.; Morais, L.T. de Positive precipitation–evaporation budget from AD 460 to 1090 in the Saloum Delta (Senegal) indicated by mollusk oxygen isotopes 2012 98–99 54-62
Bijoux, J.P.; Dagorn, L.; Cowley, P.D.; Simier, M.; Adam, P.A.; Robinson, J. Spawning aggregation dynamics of brown-marbled grouper and camouflage grouper at a remote Indian Ocean atoll 2013 22 145-157
Derolez, V.; Bec, B.; Munaron, D.; Fiandrino, A.; Pete, R.; Simier, M.; Souchu, P.; Laugier, T.; Aliaume, C.; Malet, N. Recovery trajectories following the reduction of urban nutrient inputs along the eutrophication gradient in French Mediterranean lagoons 2019 171 1-10