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Bettarel, Y.; Arfi, R.; Bouvier, T.; Bouvy, M.; Briand, E.; Colombet, J.; Corbin, D.; Sime-Ngando, T. Virioplankton distribution and activity in a tropical eutrophicated bay 2008 80 425-429
Bettarel, Y.; Bouvier, T.; Bouvier, C.; Carré, C.; Desnues, A.; Domaizon, I.; Jacquet, S.; Robin, A.; Sime-Ngando, T. Ecological traits of planktonic viruses and prokaryotes along a full-salinity gradient 2011 76 360-372
Bouvy, M.; Bettarel, Y.; Bouvier, C.; Domaizon, I.; Jacquet, S.; Le Floc'h, E.; Montanie, H.; Mostajir, B.; Sime-Ngando, T.; Torréton, J.-P.; Vidussi, F.; Bouvier, T. Trophic interactions between viruses, bacteria and nanoflagellates under various nutrient conditions and simulated climate change 2011 13 1842-1857
Cissoko, M.; Desnues, A.; Bouvy, M.; Sime-Ngando, T.; Verling, E.; Bettarel, Y. Effects of freshwater and seawater mixing on virio- and bacterioplankton in a tropical estuary 2008 53 1154-1162
Dolan, J.R.; Mostajir, B.; Sime-Ngando, T. Rassoulzadegan in Villefranche-sur-Mer and the 'evolution' of marine microbial ecology over the last three decades 2009 57 221-225