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Bax, N.J.; Miloslavich, P.; Muller-Karger, F.E.; Allain, V.; Appeltans, W.; Batten, S.D.; Benedetti-Cecchi, L.; Buttigieg, P.L.; Chiba, S.; Costa, D.P.; Duffy, J.E.; Dunn, D.C.; Johnson, C.R.; Kudela, R.M.; Obura, D.; Rebelo, L.-M.; Shin, Y.-J.; Simmons, S.E.; Tyack, P.L. A Response to Scientific and Societal Needs for Marine Biological Observations 2019 6
Blanchard, J.L.; Coll, M.; Trenkel, V.M.; Vergnon, R.; Yemane, D.; Jouffre, D.; Link, J.S.; Shin, Y.-J. Trend analysis of indicators : a comparison of recent changes in the status of marine ecosystems around the world 2010 67 732-744