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Bodin, N.; Chassot, E.; Sardenne, F.; Zudaire, I.; Grande, M.; Dhurmeea, Z.; Murua, H.; Barde, J. Ecological data for western Indian Ocean tuna 2018 99 1245-1245
Dortel, E.; Sardenne, F.; Bousquet, N.; Rivot, E.; Million, J.; Le Croizier, G.; Chassot, E. An integrated Bayesian modeling approach for the growth of Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna 2015 Fisheries Research 163 69-84
Eveson, J.P.; Million, J.; Sardenne, F.; Le Croizier, G. Estimating growth of tropical tunas in the Indian Ocean using tag-recapture data and otolith-based age estimates 2015 58-68
Sardenne, F.; Bodin, N.; Chassot, E.; Amiel, A.; Fouché, E.; Degroote, M.; Hollanda, S.; Pethybridge, H.; Lebreton, B.; Guillou, G.; Ménard, F. Trophic niches of sympatric tropical tuna in the Western Indian Ocean inferred by stable isotopes and neutral fatty acids 2016 146 75-88
Sardenne, F.; Bodin, N.; Metral, L.; Crottier, A.; Le Grand, F.; Bideau, A.; Brisset, B.; Bourjea, J.; Saraux, C.; Bonhommeau, S.; Kerzérho, V.; Bernard, S.; Rouyer, T. Effects of extraction method and storage of dry tissue on marine lipids and fatty acids 2019 1051 82-93