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Ba, K.; Thiaw, M.; Lazar, N.; Sarr, A.; Brochier, T.; Ndiaye, I.; Faye, A.; Sadio, O.; Panfili, J.; Thiaw, O.T.; Brehmer, P. Resilience of Key Biological Parameters of the Senegalese Flat Sardinella to Overfishing and Climate Change 2016 11 e0156143
Ecoutin, J.-M.; Simier, M.; Albaret, J.-J.; Laë, R.; Raffray, J.; Sadio, O.; Tito de Morais, L. Ecological field experiment of short-term effects of fishing ban on fish assemblages in a tropical estuarine MPA 2014 100 74-85
Faye, D.; Morais, L.T. de; Raffray, J.; Sadio, O.; Thiaw, O.T.; Loc'h, F.L. Structure and seasonal variability of fish food webs in an estuarine tropical marine protected area (Senegal) : evidence from stable isotope analysis 2011 92 607-617
Sadio, O.; Simier, M.; Ecoutin, J.-M.; Raffray, J.; Laë, R.; Tito de Morais, L. Effect of a marine protected area on tropical estuarine fish assemblages: Comparison between protected and unprotected sites in Senegal 2015 116 257-269
Sadio, O.; Simier, M.; Le Loc’h, F.; Tito De Morais, L. Length-weight relationships of 19 fish species from two tropical artificial reservoirs (Manantali and Selingue) in Mali, West Africa 2021 45 059-062