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Kostecki, C.; Loc'h, F.L.; Roussel, J.M.; Desroy, N.; Huteau, D.; Riera, P.; Bris, H.L.; Pape, O.L. Dynamics of an estuarine nursery ground : the spatio-temporal relationship between the river flow and the food web of the juvenile common sole (Solea solea, L.) as revealed by stable isotopes analysis 2010 64 54-60
Le Pape, O.; Modéran, J.; Beaunée, G.; Riera, P.; Nicolas, D.; Savoye, N.; Harmelin-Vivien, M.; Darnaude, A.M.; Brind'Amour, A.; Le Bris, H.; Cabral, H.; Vinagre, C.; Pasquaud, S.; França, S.; Kostecki, C. Sources of organic matter for flatfish juveniles in coastal and estuarine nursery grounds: A meta-analysis for the common sole (Solea solea) in contrasted systems of Western Europe 2013 75 85-95
Ouisse, V.; Riera, P.; Migne, A.; Leroux, C.; Davoult, D. Food web analysis in intertidal Zostera marina and Zostera noltii communities in winter and summer 2012 159 165-175