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Putman, N.F.; Abreu-Grobois, F.A.; Broderick, A.C.; Ciofi, C.; Formia, A.; Godley, B.J.; Stroud, S.; Pelembe, T.; Verley, P.; Williams, N. Numerical dispersal simulations and genetics help explain the origin of hawksbill sea turtles in Ascension Island 2014 450 98-108
Putman, N.F.; Abreu-Grobois, F.A.; Iturbe-Darkistade, I.; Putman, E.M.; Richards, P.M.; Verley, P. Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacts on sea turtles could span the Atlantic 2015 11 20150596
Putman, N.F.; Scott, R.; Verley, P.; Marsh, R.; Hays, G.C. Natal site and offshore swimming influence fitness and long-distance ocean transport in young sea turtles 2012 159 2117-2126
Putman, N.F.; Verley, P.; Endres, C.S.; Lohmann, K.J. Magnetic navigation behavior and the oceanic ecology of young loggerhead sea turtles 2015 218 1044-1050
Putman, N.F.; Verley, P.; Shay, T.J.; Lohmann, K.J. Simulating transoceanic migrations of young loggerhead sea turtles : merging magnetic navigation behavior with an ocean circulation model 2012 215 1863-1870