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Andrello, M.; Guilhaumon, F.; Albouy, C.; Parravicini, V.; Scholtens, J.; Verley, P.; Barange, M.; Sumaila, U.R.; Manel, S.; Mouillot, D. Global mismatch between fishing dependency and larval supply from marine reserves 2017 8 16039
Barneche, D.R.; Rezende, E.L.; Parravicini, V.; Maire, Eva; Edgar, G.J.; Stuart-Smith, R.D.; Arias-Gonzalez, J.E.; Ferreira, C.E.L.; Friedlander, A.M.; Green, A.L.; Luiz, O.J.; Rodriguez-Zaragoza, F.A.; Vigliola, L.; Kulbicki, M.; Floeter, S.R. Body size, reef area and temperature predict global reef-fish species richness across spatial scales 2019 28 315-327
Bender, M.G.; Leprieur, F.; Mouillot, D.; Kulbicki, M.; Parravicini, V.; Pie, M.R.; Barneche, D.R.; Oliveira-Santos, L.G.R.; Floeter, S.R. Isolation drives taxonomic and functional nestedness in tropical reef fish faunas 2017 40 425-435
D'agata, S.; Vigliola, L.; Graham, N.A.J.; Wantiez, L.; Parravicini, V.; Villeger, S.; Mou-Tham, G.; Frolla, P.; Friedlander, A.M.; Kulbicki, M.; Mouillot, D. Unexpected high vulnerability of functions in wilderness areas: evidence from coral reef fishes 2016 283 20160128
Delrieu-Trottin, E.; Williams, J.T.; Pitassy, D.; Driskell, A.; Hubert, N.; Viviani, J.; Cribb, T.H.; Espiau, B.; Galzin, R.; Kulbicki, M.; de Loma, T.L.; Meyer, C.; Mourier, J.; Mou-Tham, G.; Parravicini, V.; Plantard, P.; Sasal, P.; Siu, G.; Tolou, N.; Veuille, M.; Weigt, L.; Planes, S. A DNA barcode reference library of French Polynesian shore fishes 2019 6 114