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Arroyo, N.-L.; Safi, G.; Vouriot, P.; López-López, L.; Niquil, N.; Le Loc’h, F.; Hattab, T.; Preciado, I. Towards coherent GES assessments at sub-regional level: signs of fisheries expansion processes in the Bay of Biscay using an OSPAR food web indicator, the mean trophic level 2019 76 1543-1553
Ben Rais Lasram, F.; Hattab, T.; Nogues, Q.; Beaugrand, G.; Dauvin, J.C.; Halouani, G.; Le Loc'h, F.; Niquil, N.; Leroy, B. An open-source framework to model present and future marine species distributions at local scale 2020 59 101130
Degre, D.; Leguerrier, D.; du Chatelet, E.A.; Rzeznik, J.; Auguet, J.C.; Dupuy, C.; Marquis, E.; Fichet, D.; Struski, C.; Joyeux, E.; Sauriau, P.G.; Niquil, N. Comparative analysis of the food webs of two intertidal mudflats during two seasons using inverse modelling: Aiguillon Cove and Brouage Mudflat, France 2006 69 107-124
Hlaili, A.S.; Grami, B.; Niquil, N.; Gosselin, M.; Hamel, D.; Troussellier, M.; Mabrouk, H.H. The planktonic food web of the Bizerte lagoon (south-western Mediterranean) during summer: I. Spatial distribution under different anthropogenic pressures 2008 78 61-77
Lassalle, G.; Gascuel, D.; Loc'h, F.L.; Lobry, J.; Pierce, G.J.; Ridoux, V.; Santos, M.B.; Spitz, J.; Niquil, N. An ecosystem approach for the assessment of fisheries impacts on marine top predators : the Bay of Biscay case study 2012 69 925-938