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Nguyen-Kim, H.; Bettarel, Y.; Bouvier, T.; Bouvier, C.; Doan-Nhu, H.; Nguyen-Ngoc, L.; Nguyen-Thanh, T.; Tran-Quang, H.; Brune, J. Coral Mucus Is a Hot Spot for Viral Infections 2015 81 5773-5783
Nguyen-Kim, H.; Bouvier, T.; Bouvier, C.; Bui, V.N.; Le-Lan, H.; Bettarel, Y. Viral and Bacterial Epibionts in Thermally-Stressed Corals 2015 3 1272-1286
Nguyen-Kim, H.; Bouvier, T.; Bouvier, C.; Hai, D.N.; Lam, N.N.; Rochelle-Newall, E.; Baudoux, A.C.; Desnues, C.; Reynaud, S.; Ferrier-Pages, C.; Bettarel, Y. High occurrence of viruses in the mucus layer of scleractinian corals 2014 6 675-682