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Le Mézo, P.; Lefort, S.; Séférian, R.; Aumont, O.; Maury, O.; Murtugudde, R.; Bopp, L. Natural variability of marine ecosystems inferred from a coupled climate to ecosystem simulation 2016 153 55-66
Maury, O.; Campling, L.; Arrizabalaga, H.; Aumont, O.; Bopp, L.; Merino, G.; Squires, D.; Cheung, W.; Goujon, M.; Guivarch, C.; Lefort, S.; Marsac, F.; Monteagudo, P.; Murtugudde, R.; Österblom, H.; Pulvenis, J.F.; Ye, Y.; van Ruijven, B.J. From shared socio-economic pathways (SSPs) to oceanic system pathways (OSPs): Building policy-relevant scenarios for global oceanic ecosystems and fisheries 2017 45 203-216
Maury, O.; Miller, K.; Campling, L.; Arrizabalaga, H.; Aumont, O.; Bodin, Ö.; Guillotreau, P.; Hobday, A.J.; Marsac, F.; Suzuki, Z.; Murtugudde, R. A global science–policy partnership for progress toward sustainability of oceanic ecosystems and fisheries 2013 5 314-319