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Boillot, C.; Martinez Bueno, M.J.; Munaron, D.; LE DREAU, M.; Mathieu, O.; David, A.; Fenet, H.; Casellas, C.; Gomez, E. In vivo exposure of marine mussels to carbamazepine and 10-hydroxy-10,11-dihydro-carbamazepine: Bioconcentration and metabolization 2015 Science of The Total Environment 532 564-570
Daniel, A.; Laës-Huon, A.; Barus, C.; Beaton, A.D.; Blandfort, D.; Guigues, N.; Knockaert, M.; Munaron, D.; Salter, I.; Woodward, E.M.S.; Greenwood, N.; Achterberg, E.P. Toward a Harmonization for Using in situ Nutrient Sensors in the Marine Environment 2020 6
David, M.; Bailly-Comte, V.; Munaron, D.; Fiandrino, A.; Stieglitz, T.C. Groundwater discharge to coastal streams – A significant pathway for nitrogen inputs to a hypertrophic Mediterranean coastal lagoon 2019 677 142-155
Derolez, V.; Bec, B.; Munaron, D.; Fiandrino, A.; Pete, R.; Simier, M.; Souchu, P.; Laugier, T.; Aliaume, C.; Malet, N. Recovery trajectories following the reduction of urban nutrient inputs along the eutrophication gradient in French Mediterranean lagoons 2019 171 1-10
Leruste, A.; Malet, N.; Munaron, D.; Derolez, V.; Hatey, E.; Collos, Y.; De Wit, R.; Bec, B. First steps of ecological restoration in Mediterranean lagoons: Shifts in phytoplankton communities 2016 180 190-203