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Bettarel, Y.; Motegi, C.; Weinbauer, M.G.; Mari, X. Colonization and release processes of viruses and prokaryotes on artificial marine macroaggregates 2016 363 fnv216
Mari, X.; Lefevre, J.; Torreton, J.P.; Bettarel, Y.; Pringault, O.; Rochelle-Newall, E.; Marchesiello, P.; Menkes, C.; Rodier, M.; Migon, C.; Motegi, C.; Weinbauer, M.G.; Legendre, L. Effects of soot deposition on particle dynamics and microbial processes in marine surface waters 2014 28 662-678
Mari, X.; Rochelle-Newall, E.; Torreton, J.-P.; Pringault, O.; Bettarel, Y.; Motegi, C.; Weinbauer, M.G. Production of individual marine organic aggregates using Paramagnetic Microspheres: A new tool for examining microbial associations with aggregates 2012 10 155-166
Migon, C.; Motegi, C.; Mari, X.; Dufour, A.; Weinbauer, M. A preliminary study on metal and nutrient concentrations in running water systems in southern New Caledonia 2011 87 361-365
Weinbauer, M.G.; Bettarel, Y.; Cattaneo, R.; Luef, B.; Maier, C.; Motegi, C.; Peduzzi, P.; Mari, X. Viral ecology of organic and inorganic particles in aquatic systems : avenues for further research 2009 57 321-341