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Albouy, C.; Mouillot, D.; Rocklin, D.; Culioli, J.M.; Loc'h, F.L. Simulation of the combined effects of artisanal and recreational fisheries on a Mediterranean MPA ecosystem using a trophic model 2010 412 207-221
Bodin, N.; Ka, R.N.'G.; Loc'h, F.L.; Raffray, J.; Budzinski, H.; Peluhet, L.; Morais, L.T. de Are exploited mangrove molluscs exposed to Persistent Organic Pollutant contamination in Senegal, West Africa? 2011 84 318-327
Faye, D.; Morais, L.T. de; Raffray, J.; Sadio, O.; Thiaw, O.T.; Loc'h, F.L. Structure and seasonal variability of fish food webs in an estuarine tropical marine protected area (Senegal) : evidence from stable isotope analysis 2011 92 607-617
Hattab, T.; Leprieur, F.; Lasram, F.B.R.; Gravel, D.; Loc'h, F.L.; Albouy, C. Forecasting fine-scale changes in the food-web structure of coastal marine communities under climate change 2016 39 1227-1237
Kaplan, D.; Planes, S.; Fauvelot, C.; Brochier, T.; Lett, C.; Bodin, N.; Loc'h, F.L.; Tremblay, Y.; Georges, J.Y. New tools for the spatial management of living marine resources 2010 2 88-93