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Cardoso de Melo, C.; Cavalcanti Soares, A.P.; Pelage, L.; Eduardo Nole, L.; Fredou, T.; Lira, A.S.; Ferreira, B.P.; Bertrand, A.; Lucena-Fredou, F. Haemulidae distribution patterns along the Northeastern Brazilian continental shelf and size at first maturity of the most abundant species 2020 35 101226
Eduardo Nole L.; Frédou, T.; Lira, A.S.; Silva, L.V.S.; Ferreira, B.P.; Bertrand, A.; Ménard, F.; Lucena-Frédou, F. Length–weight relationship of thirteen demersal fishes from the tropical Brazilian continental shelf 2019 35 590-593
Eduardo Nole, L.; Bertrand, A.; Fredou, T.; Lira, A.S.; Lima, R.S.; Ferreira, B.P.; Menard, F.; Lucena-Fredou, F. Biodiversity, ecology, fisheries, and use and trade of Tetraodontiformes fishes reveal their socio-ecological significance along the tropical Brazilian continental shelf 2020
Eduardo Nole, L.; Mincarone, M.M.; Lucena-Fredou, F.; Martins, J.R.; Afonso, G.V.F.; Villarins, B.T.; Fredou, T.; Lira, A.S.; Bertrand, A. Length-weight relationship of twelve mesopelagic fishes from the western Tropical Atlantic 2020
Eduardo Nole, L.; Mincarone, M.M.; Villarins, B.T.; Frédou, T.; Lira, A.S.; Bertrand, A.; Lucena-Frédou, F. Length–weight relationships of eleven mesopelagic fishes from oceanic islands of the Southwestern Tropical Atlantic 2019 35 605-607