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Barboza, P.S.; Bennett, A.; Lignot, J.H.; Mackie, R.I.; McWhorter, T.J.; Secor, S.M.; Skovgaard, N.; Sundset, M.A.; Wang, T. Digestive Challenges for Vertebrate Animals: Microbial Diversity, Cardiorespiratory Coupling, and Dietary Specialization 2010 83 764-774
Reichardt, F.; Chaumande, B.; Habold, C.; Robin, J.P.; Ehret-Sabatier, L.; Le Maho, Y.; Liewig, N.; Angel, F.; Lignot, J.H. Kaolinite ingestion facilitates restoration of body energy reserves during refeeding after prolonged fasting 2012 26 577-588
Slama, T.; Kefi-Jaafar, F.; Maatoug-Bejaoui, J.; Lahbib, Y.; Hermet, S.; Rivera-Ingraham, G.; Lignot, J.H.; Trigui Menif, N. The gametogenic cycle of the non-native false limpet Siphonaria pectinata (Linnaeus, 1758) in the easternmost limit of its distribution range: implications for its future in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin 2020 21 599-607
Taghizadeh Rahmat Abadi, Z.; Khodabandeh, S.; Charmantier, G.; Charmantier-Daures, M.; Lignot, J.H. Ontogeny and osmoregulatory function of the urinary system in the Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus (Borodin, 1897) 2014 46 287-298