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Bec, B.; Collos, Y.; Souchu, P.; Vaquer, A.; Lautier, J.; Fiandrino, A.; Benau, L.; Orsoni, V.; Laugier, T. Distribution of picophytoplankton and nanophytoplankton along an anthropogenic eutrophication gradient in French Mediterranean coastal lagoons 2011 63 29-45
Brehmer, P.; Chi, T.D.; Laugier, T.; Galgani, F.; Laloë, F.; Darnaude, A.M.; Fiandrino, A.; Mouillot, D. Field investigations and multi-indicators for shallow water lagoon management: perspective for societal benefit 2011 21 728-742
Brehmer, P.; Laugier, T.; Kantoussan, J.; Galgani, F.; Mouillot, D. Does coastal lagoon habitat quality affect fish growth rate and their recruitment? Insights from fishing and acoustic surveys 2013 126 1-6
Castro-Jiménez, J.; Mariani, G.; Vives, I.; Skejo, H.; Umlauf, G.; Zaldívar, J.M.; Dueri, S.; Messiaen, G.; Laugier, T. Atmospheric concentrations, occurrence and deposition of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in a Mediterranean coastal site (Etang de Thau, France) 2011 159 1948-1956
Collos, Y.; Bec, B.; Jauzein, C.; Abadie, E.; Laugier, T.; Lautier, J.; Pastoureaud, A.; Souchu, P.; Vaquer, A. Oligotrophication and emergence of picocyanobacteria and a toxic dinoflagellate in Thau lagoon, southern France 2009 61 68-75