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Lassalle, G.; Gascuel, D.; Loc'h, F.L.; Lobry, J.; Pierce, G.J.; Ridoux, V.; Santos, M.B.; Spitz, J.; Niquil, N. An ecosystem approach for the assessment of fisheries impacts on marine top predators : the Bay of Biscay case study 2012 69 925-938
Lassalle, G.; Lobry, J.; Le Loc'h, F.; Mackinson, S.; Sanchez, F.; Tomczak, M.T.; Niquil, N. Ecosystem status and functioning : searching for rules of thumb using an intersite comparison of food-web models of Northeast Atlantic continental shelves 2013 70 135-149
Lassalle, G.; Lobry, J.; Loc'h, F.L.; Bustamante, P.; Certain, G.; Delmas, D.; Dupuy, C.; Hily, C.; Labry, C.; Pape, O.L.; Marquis, E.; Petitgas, P.; Pusineri, C.; Ridoux, V.; Spitz, J.; Niquil, N. Lower trophic levels and detrital biomass control the Bay of Biscay continental shelf food web : Implications for ecosystem management 2011 91 561-575