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Afandi, I.; Talba, S.; Benhra, A.; Benbrahim, S.; Chfiri, R.; Labonne, M.; Masski, H.; Laë, R.; Tito De Morais, L.; Bekkali, M.; Bouthir, F.Z. Trace metal distribution in pelagic fish species from the north-west African coast (Morocco) 2018 10 191-205
Ecoutin, J.-M.; Simier, M.; Albaret, J.-J.; Laë, R.; Morais, L.T. de Changes over a decade in fish assemblages exposed to both environmental and fishing constraints in the Sine Saloum estuary (Senegal) 2010 87 284-292
Ecoutin, J.-M.; Simier, M.; Albaret, J.-J.; Laë, R.; Raffray, J.; Sadio, O.; Tito de Morais, L. Ecological field experiment of short-term effects of fishing ban on fish assemblages in a tropical estuarine MPA 2014 100 74-85
Kantoussan, J.; Ecoutin, J.; Fontenelle, G.; Thiaw, O.; Tito de Morais, L.; Laë, R. The relevance of size parameters as indicators of fishery exploitation in two West African reservoirs 2009
Kantoussan, J.; Ecoutin, J.M.; Simier, M.; Morais, L.T. de; Laë, R. Effects of salinity on fish assemblage structure: An evaluation based on taxonomic and functional approaches in the Casamance estuary (Senegal, West Africa) 2012