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Brehmer, P.; Laugier, T.; Kantoussan, J.; Galgani, F.; Mouillot, D. Does coastal lagoon habitat quality affect fish growth rate and their recruitment? Insights from fishing and acoustic surveys 2013 126 1-6
Kantoussan, J.; Ecoutin, J.; Fontenelle, G.; Thiaw, O.; Tito de Morais, L.; Laë, R. The relevance of size parameters as indicators of fishery exploitation in two West African reservoirs 2009
Kantoussan, J.; Ecoutin, J.M.; Simier, M.; Morais, L.T. de; Laë, R. Effects of salinity on fish assemblage structure: An evaluation based on taxonomic and functional approaches in the Casamance estuary (Senegal, West Africa) 2012
Ndour, I.; Loc'h, F.L.; Kantoussan, J.; Thiaw, M.; Diadhiou, H.D.; Ecoutin, J.M.; Morais, L.T. de; Thiaw, O.T. Changes in the trophic structure, abundance and species diversity of exploited fish assemblages in the artisanal fisheries of the northern coast, Senegal, West Africa 2014 36 361-368