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Capello, M.; Robert, M.; Soria, M.; Potin, G.; Itano, D.; Holland, K.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Dagorn, L. A Methodological Framework to Estimate the Site Fidelity of Tagged Animals Using Passive Acoustic Telemetry 2015 10 e0134002
Perez, G.; Dagorn, L.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Forget, F.; Filmalter, J.D.; Holland, K.; Itano, D.; Adam, S.; Jauharee, R.; Beeharry, S.P.; Capello, M. Effects of habitat modifications on the movement behavior of animals: the case study of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) and tropical tunas 2020 8 47
Robert, M.; Dagorn, L.; Deneubourg, J.L.; Itano, D.; Holland, K. Size-dependent behavior of tuna in an array of fish aggregating devices (FADs) 2012 159 907-914
Robert, M.; Dagorn, L.; Filmalter, J.D.; Deneubourg, J.L.; Itano, D.; Holland, K. Intra-individual behavioral variability displayed by tuna at fish aggregating devices (FADs) 2013 484 239-247
Stehfest, K.M.; Patterson, T.A.; Dagorn, L.; Holland, K.N.; Itano, D.; Semmens, J.M. Network analysis of acoustic tracking data reveals the structure and stability of fish aggregations in the ocean 2013 85 839-848