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Genovesi, B.; Laabir, M.; Masseret, E.; Collos, Y.; Vaquer, A.; Grzebyk, D. Dormancy and germination features in resting cysts of Alexandrium tamarense species complex (Dinophyceae) can facilitate bloom formation in a shallow lagoon (Thau, southern France) 2009 31 1209-1224
Genovesi, B.; Mouillot, D.; Laugier, T.; Fiandrino, A.; Laabir, M.; Vaquer, A.; Grzebyk, D. Influences of sedimentation and hydrodynamics on the spatial distribution of Alexandrium catenella/tamarense resting cysts in a shellfish farming lagoon impacted by toxic blooms 2013 25 15-25
Genovesi, B.; Shin-Grzebyk, M.S.; Grzebyk, D.; Laabir, M.; Gagnaire, P.A.; Vaquer, A.; Pastoureaud, A.; Lasserre, B.; Collos, Y.; Berrebi, P.; Masseret, E. Assessment of cryptic species diversity within blooms and cyst bank of the Alexandrium tamarense complex (Dinophyceae) in a Mediterranean lagoon facilitated by semi-multiplex PCR 2011 33 405-414
Grzebyk, D.; Audic, S.; Lasserre, B.; Abadie, E.; de Vargas, C.; Bec, B. Insights into the harmful algal flora in northwestern Mediterranean coastal lagoons revealed by pyrosequencing metabarcodes of the 28S rRNA gene 2017 68 1-16
Laabir, M.; Collos, Y.; Masseret, E.; Grzebyk, D.; Abadie, E.; Savar, V.; Sibat, M.; Amzil, Z. Influence of Environmental Factors on the Paralytic Shellfish Toxin Content and Profile of Alexandrium catenella (Dinophyceae) Isolated from the Mediterranean Sea 2013 11 1583-1601