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Alfonso, S.; Sadoul, B.; Gesto, M.; Joassard, L.; Chatain, B.; Geffroy, B.; Bégout, M.-L. Coping styles in European sea bass: The link between boldness, stress response and neurogenesis 2019 207 76-85
Bessa, E.; Blumstein, D.T.; Samia, D.S.M.; Geffroy, B. Pets at ecotourism destinations: cute mascot or trojan horse? 2019 22 1523-1525
Bessa, E.; Geffroy, B.; Gonçalves-De-Freitas, E. Tourism impact on stream fish measured with an ecological and a behavioural indicator 2017
Douhard, M.; Geffroy, B. Males can adjust offspring sex ratio in an adaptive fashion through different mechanisms 2021 2000264
Geffroy, B.; Alfonso, S.; Sadoul, B.; Blumstein, D.T. A world for reactive phenotypes 2020 1