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Amelineau, F.; Bonnet, D.; Heitz, O.; Mortreux, V.; Harding, A.M.A.; Karnovsky, N.; Walkusz, W.; Fort, J.; Gremillet, D. Microplastic pollution in the Greenland Sea: Background levels and selective contamination of planktivorous diving seabirds 2016 219 1131-1139
Amélineau, F.; Grémillet, D.; Bonnet, D.; Bot, T.L.; Fort, J. Where to Forage in the Absence of Sea Ice? Bathymetry As a Key Factor for an Arctic Seabird 2016 11 e0157764
Courbin, N.; Besnard, A.; Peron, C.; Saraux, C.; Fort, J.; Perret, S.; Tornos, J.; Gremillet, D. Short-term prey field lability constrains individual specialisation in resource selection and foraging site fidelity in a marine predator 2018 21 1043-1054
Fort, J.; Pettex, E.; Tremblay, Y.; Lorentsen, S.H.; Garthe, S.; Votier, S.; Pons, J.B.; Siorat, F.; Furness, R.W.; Grecian, W.J.; Bearhop, S.; Montevecchi, W.A.; Gremillet, D. Meta-population evidence of oriented chain migration in northern gannets (Morus bassanus) 2012 10 237-242
Fort, J.; Steen, H.; Strom, H.; Tremblay, Y.; Gronningsaeter, E.; Pettex, E.; Porter, W.P.; Gremillet, D. Energetic consequences of contrasting winter migratory strategies in a sympatric Arctic seabird duet 2013 44 255-262