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Chaboud, C.; Fall, M.; Ferraris, J.; Fontana, A.; Fonteneau, A.; Laloë, F.; Samba, A.; Thiao, D. Comment on “Fisheries catch misreporting and its implications: The case of Senegal” 2015 164 322-324
Chassot, E.; Kaplan, D.; Zarate, V.O. de; Romanov, E.; Fonteneau, A. Comment on "clarification regarding the distribution of bigeye tuna Thunnus obesus in the Atlantic Ocean, including bristish waters 2010 77 1449-1454
Corbineau, A.; Rouyer, T.; Cazelles, B.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Fonteneau, A.; Ménard, F. Time series analysis of tuna and swordfish catches and climate variability in the Indian Ocean (1968-2003) 2008 21 277-285
Corbineau, A.; Rouyer, T.; FROMENTIN, J.-M.; Cazelles, B.; FONTENEAU, A.; MENARD, F. Patterns of variations in large pelagic fish: A comparative approach between the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans 2010 Progress In Oceanography 86 276-282
Fonteneau, A.; Chassot, E.; Bodin, N. Global spatio-temporal patterns in tropical tuna purse seine fisheries on drifting fish aggregating devices (DFADs): Taking a historical perspective to inform current challenges⋆ 2013 26 37-48